What a Saltless Water Filtration System can do for Your Family’s Health and Happiness

The U.S. is certainly lucky to have one of the best and safest public water supply systems in the world. However, this often leads U.S. citizens to overlook the issues that can arise with regular exposure to unfiltered water. With each shower and run of your faucets, or hoses, you expose yourself and your plumbing system to harmful chemicals and minerals, such as chlorine and mercury.

Overtime, these chemicals can damage your hair and skin, compromise your indoor air quality and adhere to your pipes, along with minerals, to clog and damage your plumbing system. For your family’s health and financial well being, consider the benefits of a saltless water filtration system, such as Aquasana’s whole house filter system.

Better Health

Saltless water filters work to filter out the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and minerals that are found in the tap water that we use to hydrate, cleanse and feed our families every day.

As we shower, chlorine and volatile organic chemicals evaporate into the air through shower steam. A water filter system can nearly eliminate all traces of these chemicals, to keep you and your family breathing the cleanest air possible.

The chemicals found in tap water can also do a number to your hair and skin. Showering and cleaning yourself with filtered water, ensures that you limit your body’s exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Public water systems are also vulnerable to viruses and bacterias. UV filtration can keep your home running even when the city of La Verne has ordered a boil warning.

Saves You Money

Filtered water always seems like a luxury. However, taking into account the wear and tear that hard water can have on your plumbing and health, it’s actually more fiscally responsible to invest in a solid filtration system now, to save money down the line.

Hard water is full of harmful toxins and minerals that can do some serious damage on your pipes, as well as affect your water’s clarity, which can lead to damaged skin and hair, compromised air quality and force you to purchase bottled water. The extra investment into expensive skin and hair products, bottled water, as well as the faster deterioration of your plumbing system, make major dents in your bank account, all while your home suffers from poor tasting and potentially dangerous drinking water.

Proven Technology

Systems like the Aquasana Salt-Free Water Softener and Sterilight UV Filter (seen below), work to eliminate 97% of chlorine from regular tap water, soften your water to reduce the scaling and damage that hard water can have on your pipes and appliances, and filter out harmful viruses and bacterias that can make your family sick. By utilizing a unique design, the system extends the exposure that contaminants have with filtering media in the system before it reaches your cookware, skin or lips, all without the use of harsh salt or harmful chemicals.

McLay Services is the preferred installer for Aquasana home filter systems in the greater Pomona area. For cleaner indoor air, better tasting tap water, improved cooking water, clearer pipes and healthier skin and hair, schedule your whole house filter system installation with McLay Services today!