Homeowners Can Save Big By Doing HVAC Troubleshooting

Homeowners Can Save Big By Doing HVAC Troubleshooting

Homeowners have discovered that there are many maintenance tasks they can do instead of paying a professional service to do them. In an effort to save even more money, many homeowners now try to Diagnose HVAC Problems first instead of immediately calling a technician. By checking a few things before panicking homeowners can save money on service calls.

Many of the times a homeowner comes home to find the A/C Not Working are caused by simple problems. One of the most common reasons an air conditioner will not come on is because it is not receiving electricity. Sometimes the remedy for this problem lies inside the breaker box and a simple flip of a switch has the air conditioner up and running like new in a split second.

For a variety of reasons either the home’s main breaker or the breaker that is connected to the HVAC system can trip and be turned off. A lot of service calls to fix an air conditioner result with a technician showing up and flipping a breaker. Unfortunately, even though the fix was easy, homeowners still have to pay a hefty fee for the service call.

Another common reason an A/C unit can mysteriously stop working is because a cutoff switch was bumped into the off position. There are three switches to check before ruling this possibility out. A switch located at the indoor unit is often the main culprit. If the cutoff switch is on it is time to check the safety switch that is located under the unit in the pan and then check the disconnect switch at the outside unit.

The disconnect switch is located near the outside unit; if this switch is on make sure the thermostat has good batteries in it. If these things do not work, the problem may require a professional. If the air conditioner is blowing weak or acting odd try flushing the drain lines and checking the air filter. Troubleshooting Air Conditioning problems only takes a few minutes but can save a bundle. If a unit is being stubborn and refuses to work, it is time to contact a professional to make a more thorough evaluation.