Homeowners Insurance: Does It Cover Plumbing Issues?

According to experts, a plumbing problem is one home issue that no homeowner ever wants to have to deal with. After all, not only will a plumbing problem make a mess of your home by encouraging mold and mildew growth, it can also be costly to repair. While your homeowners insurance may cover some plumbing problems, you need to keep in mind that there are other issues that it won’t.

In this article, the plumbing and outdoor tankless water heater freeze protection pros at McLay Services discuss what plumbing issues homeowners insurance policies cover and what problems it doesn’t.

Plumbing Issues Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance

Thankfully for homeowners, many homeowners insurance policies cover some of the plumbing issues that your home may experience. For instance, if your water heater bursts, resulting in water damage to your belongings, your homeowners insurance will reimburse you for said damages. In addition, damage caused by burst plumbing that can’t be attributed to maintenance neglect should also be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

While there are some kinds of damage that your policy will cover, there may also be instances when somebody else’s insurance will cover the damages. For example, if your neighbors’ pipes happen to freeze up, burst and cause damage to your property, then their insurance company should reimburse you for any damages this causes. Another occasion when someone else’s insurance policy covers the damage caused is if your home has faulty plumbing due to a mistake caused by a plumber.

Plumbing Issues Not Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance

Unfortunately for some, there are instances when a homeowners insurance policy won’t cover certain plumbing problems that may be   experienced in the home. A prime example of this is if your pipes show signs of corrosion, rust or damage due to neglect. This is because, as the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to maintain your home’s plumbing system. This means failure to keep up with your maintenance responsibilities can lead to your insurance claim being denied.

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