HVAC Maintenance: What You Can Do vs. What the Pros Should Do

Proper maintenance helps prevent many HVAC-related things such as unexpected breakdowns and problems with outdoor tankless water heaters. While most maintenance tasks should be left to professionals, some can be done by the homeowner. Here Local HVAC company McLay shares insight on how both sets of tasks contribute to successful HVAC system maintenance.

Why Should You Do Maintenance Tasks?

Homeowners often ask us why they need to do HVAC maintenance at all. While it’s true that a great deal of HVAC maintenance work is performed by HVAC technicians, some tasks, like visual inspections, need to be done periodically, and it wouldn’t be practical for both the homeowner and the HVAC technician to do them.

Fortunately, most of the tasks appropriate for homeowners to perform require minimal risk and effort. Should you find problems that require the attention of an HVAC professional, you, as the homeowner, are expected to schedule an appointment.

HVAC Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

You can ask your HVAC technician (and plumber, if you use a water heater with a tank) for a list of things to look out for when performing an inspection. Some tasks may be different depending on the heating and cooling system you have in your home, but your checklist should include the following:

Changing the Air Filter — Air filters trap dust, pollen and other particles, and thus end up clogged over time. Check your air filters and if they’re full—as is indicated by a thick layer of fiber and dust, similar to what you’d find in vacuum dirtbags—you can purchase and install a replacement. Make sure the replacement air filter is the same size.

Clean the Condensate Drain Pan — The condensate drain pan is a container that collects condensation from the air conditioner. It should be cleaned and emptied when full to prevent mold and algae growth.

HVAC Maintenance Tasks That Should Be Left to the Pros

Other tasks should be left to your HVAC technician because they carry the risk of electrical shock, causing further damage to the HVAC system or voiding warranty coverage.

Any Electrical Work — All kinds of electrical work must be left to licensed electricians or HVAC technicians. This includes rewiring and repairs or changes made to the power panel.

Furnace Repairs — DIY furnace repairs pose the risk of burns as well as the inhalation of carbon monoxide fumes.

Refilling Refrigerant — Refrigerant can leak due to damaged lines. If this happens to your HVAC system, don’t try to refill the refrigerant yourself, because HVAC refrigerant is a toxic substance. Also, your HVAC system should have the exact kind and amount of refrigerant: no more, no less.

Call McLay for All Your HVAC Maintenance Needs

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