How to Deal With Sediment In the Water Heater Tank

Sediment buildup is common in water heating systems that store water in tanks. Because the inside of these tanks aren’t readily visible, it’s therefore easy to overlook this issue until it starts causing problems. In this blog, your local plumbers at McLay Services, Inc. share a look at what causes sediment buildup and what can be done to fix it.

What Causes Sediment Buildup?

The sediment in hot water tanks is composed of minerals that are naturally present in tap water. You may already be familiar with hard water: its high mineral content makes it difficult to use for bathing and washing, as it prevents soap and detergent from forming suds. The minerals separate from the water when heated, and some—like calcium—form limescale and stick to the inner surface of the tanks. Other minerals collect at the bottom of the tank and become sediment.

The Effects of Sediment on Water Heater Tanks

Sediment in the water tank is like an unwanted layer of insulation: it makes it take longer for water to heat up, which consumes more fuel and raises your heating costs, as well as increases the risk of overheating. Sediment may also result in water discoloration and odors, as certain types of bacteria thrive in not-quite-warm waters.

When heated, sediment may also cause popping or rumbling noises thtp\o come from the tank. If your water heater is up for replacement, we recommend switching to a tankless water heater as an option. We offer repairs and maintenance for this type of heater, as well as tankless water heater freeze protection.

Sediment Removal

If you notice any of the following signs: rumbling noises, odors or visual confirmation of sediment in the tank, call a plumbing professional to get it flushed. While this process may sound simple,it involves more than just draining the contents of the tank. In addition to taking precautions against flooding, professionals also make sure sediment is completely removed and disposed of. Water tanks contaminated with bacteria are cleaned using antibacterial agents before being put back together.

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