How to Manage Your Home’s Humidity Levels

You’re not imagining it; it really is over 100 degrees outside, and we’re only a month into summer! For this reason, it’s important to make sure your home cooling system isn’t due for an AC repair anytime soon. Experts believe that peak temperature levels are expected to rise in July and August as we experience yet another California heat wave. But it’s not actually just the heat that’s making you feel hot and sweaty; high levels of humidity can also contribute to the feeling, making a balmy 80 degrees feel like a sweltering 100, and a high 100, a whopping 120.

Let our professional air conditioning and home cooling technicians share with you a few helpful tips to survive what could be the state’s most intense summer yet.

How Humidity Affects Comfort

If you feel like it’s hotter than the temperature showing on your thermostat, don’t call for an AC repair just yet. High humidity levels can make the air inside your home feel stuffy and muggy, so that it feels hotter than it actually is. If you decide to lower your thermostat even more because of the humidity, you’ll only be increasing your energy bill without actually making youself feel better. Humid conditions are also a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and other contaminants that lower your indoor air quality.

Managing Humidity Levels

The best solution for managing humidity is to use a dehumidifier. You can find dehumidifier and humidifier retrofits that can work well with your existing HVAC system. Ask your technician about installing these add-ons as soon as possible. You could also ask them to inspect your home for any possible air leakage that could be contributing to your humidity problems. Keeping your home airtight and completely sealed ensures that humid outside air doesn’t mix with your temperature-controlled interior air.

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