Troubleshooting Washing Machine Leaks

Modern washing machines are of course designed to keep the water in while they’re in operation. If you constantly find yourself mopping up puddles on laundry day, you need to check your washing machine for leaks. Plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor McLay Services. Inc. shares an overview of how to troubleshoot washing machine leaks in this blog.

Troubleshooting a Leaky Washing Machine

Washing machine leaks can frequently occur when the machine isn’t on a flat surface. Washing machines are designed to work on level ground; therefore, leaks can happen if the surface is uneven. Use a spirit level and wood shims as needed under one or more legs if things need leveled out.

Next, find out where the puddles begin forming. If they start from the front, make sure the top- or front-loading door of your washing machine is properly shut and sealed. If you have a top-loading washing machine, the overflow tube may be tilted or clogged by too many suds. If you have a water softening system installed, you may need to use less detergent.

Leaks that form at the back of the machine are typically caused by drain hoses that aren’t properly secured, so make sure that yours are attached correctly. Leaks that occur under the washing machine indicate punctures or other damage and should be repaired immediately.

Why You Should Leave Leak Repair to the Pros

Hiring a professional to address issues with leaking washing machines helps ensure a long-term solution. A handyman or your washing machine dealer’s repair specialist can conduct repairs, while plumbing, heating and air conditioning professionals can address related issues such as leaks in the plumbing.

If the leak has been going on for a while, you may also need to hire a contractor who offers leak detection services. Water from the washing machine can seep into areas that may be overlooked, potentially causing damage to the drywall or even the foundation of your house.

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