HVAC Planned Maintenance: Is It Worth the Money?

More than a few HVAC contractors offer HVAC maintenance plans as part of their repair and installation services. Homeowners seem to be divided when it comes to taking advantage of planned maintenance: some find it beneficial, while others consider it a waste of money. In this blog, HVAC contractor McLay Services Inc. sheds light on the benefits of HVAC planned maintenance.

What is HVAC Planned Maintenance?

HVAC planned maintenance, also known as an HVAC maintenance contract or service contract, is an agreement between a homeowner and an HVAC contractor wherein the homeowner pays a set fee to guarantee the contractor’s ongoing maintenance services for their HVAC system.

A typical HVAC planned maintenance agreement includes regular inspections conducted by the HVAC contractor–usually twice a year. Repairs may be included or done as needed and at cost. The planned maintenance agreement may also include replacement parts, emergency repairs and priority service during peak seasons.

Why You Should Consider Signing up for HVAC Planned Maintenance

Busy homeowners can greatly benefit from HVAC planned maintenance. Given that HVAC systems are subject to daily wear and tear, keeping up with regular maintenance is a must. As small HVAC problems take less time and money to fix, scheduling routine maintenance helps make certain that the homeowner doesn’t neglect their system. This also helps prevent HVAC breakdowns at unexpected times and ensures efficient operation of the system throughout the year.

Furthermore, HVAC planned maintenance aids in preventing the postponement of appointments, which some homeowners tend to do. Although we described HVAC planned maintenance as a biannual appointment, the same type of inspection doesn’t repeat itself within the year. This is because the pre-winter inspection focuses on the heating system, while the pre-summer one focuses on the air conditioning system. In addition, signing up for HVAC planned maintenance helps avoid the frustration of trying to find an available HVAC contractor, which can be hard to do on short notice during peak season.

Call McLay for HVAC Planned Maintenance

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