Should HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Be Done Regularly?

Despite all of today’s HVAC technology trends, one of the best ways to maintain good indoor air quality is by keeping your home’s air ducts clean. The challenge in this is knowing when to clean your air duct system, as its interior is hidden from sight. In this blog, McLay shares an overview of the benefits of regular HVAC air duct cleaning.

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Air ducts in an average home should be cleaned every three-to-five years. There’s no real benefit to more frequent cleaning appointments, so you would just end up wasting your money if you try to do it more often than necessary. You can identify an air duct system that needs to be cleaned just by looking inside the air vent register. Dark, soot-like residue indicates that dirt and dust are being recirculated through it.

Outside of the three-to-five-year window for professional cleaning, there are certain circumstances that may require you to schedule an air duct cleaning sooner than planned. Examples include:

  • Remodeling Projects — Projects that involve the installation of drywall, tile or indoor stucco generate a lot of dust and particulates, which can get into the air ducts. The same may apply for a roof installation or home addition.
  • Pets — If you have pets that shed fur and dander, you might need to have your air ducts cleaned more often.
  • Moving Into a New Home — Ask the previous owner if the air ducts have been serviced in the last five years. If not, this is a good opportunity to schedule a cleaning appointment with a local AC repair contractor.

The Benefits of Clean Air Ducts

In addition to maintaining good indoor air quality, air duct cleaning can also help improve HVAC efficiency. The fewer particulates in the air, the better airflow will be, which translates into less strain being placed on your HVAC system. This is especially important during the first few weeks of spring, when the pollen count is high and you’re likely to still be running the heating system. Clean air ducts also help reduce instances of mold growth.Call McLay for Your HVAC Cleaning Needs

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