Reasons to Buy New HVAC Equipment From Local Contractors

plumber hvac technician performing hvac installation

Many people look to big box stores as their first stop when it comes to buying a new air conditioner or tankless cold climate water heater. However, big box stores aren’t the only option. In today’s post, McLay Services, Inc, shares the reasons why you should buy your new HVAC equipment from local contractors.

After-sales support. HVAC systems require regular maintenance. This means regardless of where you eventually choose to buy your new HVAC system, you’ll need to have it maintained by a certified technician. The staff at big box stores are trained to sell, so not all of them have trained installers. This means you’ll either have to hire an installer separately or wait until the manufacturer sends one.

In contrast, you can connect with a local contractor who has the expertise to help you choose the right HVAC system for your home and have it installed within a relatively short period of time from the point of purchase. Warranty registration is also much easier to do with a manufacturer-licensed HVAC contractor, who will facilitate the process for you.

Proper sizing. If you’re replacing a very old model of HVAC unit or switching between different types—from a furnace to a heat pump, for instance—some measurements and calculations will need to be made before you choose your HVAC unit. This helps ensure that your HVAC system has more than enough headroom to operate without maxing out all the time.

Big box stores assume that you already know what you want to buy, so unless you have very clear specifications in mind, you’re better off buying from an HVAC contractor. Also, if you’re buying any kind of water heater, buying from a contractor can save you the cost of hiring a plumber separately.

Better lifetime value. Getting discounts at the point of purchase is one of the main attractions of big box stores, especially when you make your purchase during events like Black Friday sales. This is fine with items like smartphones and TVs, but with HVAC systems, you have to consider the lifetime cost, which includes maintenance, repairs and energy savings. These, along with the convenience of not having to search to find a contractor when your HVAC system needs maintenance, give contractor-sold HVAC systems better lifetime value.

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