Tips for Maintaining NuvoH20 Water Softener

tips for maintaining nuvoh20 water softener

Compared to traditional salt-based systems, McLay plumbing and heating experts can attest that the NuvoH20 water softener offers a unique set of benefits. It doesn’t filter out minerals, rather, it uses citric acid to neutralize the pH level of water, turning it from alkaline to neutral. Its CitraCharge formula inhibits scale formation and makes it easy to rinse the minerals away from your body, hair, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and pipes.

Without dealing with stubborn hard-water deposits, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for using cleaning agents with harsh chemicals. Since it uses no salt, it helps prevent severe sodium leakage into the fresh water supply that can be harmful to humans and nature.

That said, the effectiveness and efficiency of your NuvoH20 water softener depends on good maintenance. Without proper upkeep, its performance will diminish, and its warranty could go down the drain. To keep it in good condition, use these tips:

Replace Cartridges Regularly

At the heart of this water-softening breakthrough is the CitraCharge Cell Technology. Its time-release citric acid binds with microscopic mineral deposits through a process called chelation, loosening the grip of scales on surfaces they come into contact with.

Although the NuvoH20 system uses citric acid efficiently, no cartridge has an endless supply. If the size of your cartridge suits your family’s water use, it can last up to six months. However, you might need to get a new one sooner due to fluctuations in water usage, water pressure, and temperature.

Refer to your instruction manual to ensure faultless cartridge replacement. Its design makes for simply casing detachment and reattachment, but any mistake may void the warranty.

Be Wary of the Sun

Exposure to direct sunlight can affect the performance of the NuvoH20. This is why savvy installers make sure it’s protected from the elements night and day. Even if it’s safely installed inside your home, certain problems might let the sun in, putting your water softener at risk of UV damage. Occasionally check on your NuvoH20 system to make sure it’s not under direct sunlight.

Hire a Qualified Technician

In the unlikely event that it malfunctions, do not try to fix it yourself, nor work with an inept professional. Entrust repairs only to a qualified service technician to ensure flawless workmanship and prevent warranty nullification.

Maintain Your NuvoH20 Water Softener with McLay Services

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