4 Common AC Problems and Their Solutions

4 Common AC Problems and Their Solutions

Air conditioners are hard working machines that perform tirelessly to beat the heat of summer. However, they’re not immune to problems. Without proper maintenance, they could run inefficiently or even stop operating when least expected.

To remain comfortable during the muggiest months, the experts at McLay plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company would warn you about these issues:

1. No Power
If your cooling equipment isn’t turning on, the issue could be related to the electric control or the thermostat. Switching on and off frequently can accelerate the wear of the compressor and fan controls. An experienced HVAC technician should check your unit’s electrical connections ASAP to avoid worsening the issue.

On the other hand, a faulty thermostat could affect your air conditioner’s operation. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to remedy. In many cases, the thermostat might just be in a wrong setting or need new batteries. If your unit still doesn’t work after setting it properly and changing its batteries, call in a professional for an inspection.

2. Hot Air
If the thermostat setting was correct, blowing hot air could be a symptom of a bigger problem. Your equipment might have dirty filters, worn-out wires, or leaky refrigerant line joints. Even if you know your AC’s anatomy, let a qualified technician investigate and troubleshoot for safety reasons.

3. Standing Water
An air conditioning with proper drainage shouldn’t flood its surrounding areas. If it does, its condensate drain might be clogged, and its tube might be shot. Whatever the case, ask for professional assistance. Working with a unit that uses electricity in a damp environment is always a terrible idea.

4. Erratic Operation
If your AC shuts off long before or after your space is comfortably cool, the thermostat or its sensor needs attention. This usually happens when the thermostat is exposed to direct sunlight, or the sensor is knocked out of position. Either way, leave the job to a professional to keep from getting worse.

Head Off AC Issues with McLay Services

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