Top Ways to Heat Your Basement

It can be hard to enjoy your basement and take advantage of the additional living space if it’s always freezing. Fortunately, there are many basement heating options that you can choose from to keep the area warm and cozy all season long.

In this article, heating and air conditioning specialist McLay shares some of the top ways that you can heat your basement.

Extend Existing Ductwork

If your home already has an internal heating system, it’s only practical to work with your existing heating and extend it into your basement. In many homes, the ductwork is visible and accessible from the basement, so your contractor can easily work with it. Ensure that a qualified professional does the job since it’s critical to determine the correct heating load, size and ductwork configuration.

Install Baseboard Heaters

Hardwired baseboard heaters are connected to your home’s electrical system, and they’re ideal for permanent spot heating. This means that every room in your basement can have its own baseboard heater. Although this may not be the most elegant and space-efficient option, homeowners who opt for this type of heating do so with the understanding that the rules of aesthetics for the upstairs area don’t necessarily apply to the basement. That said, baseboard heaters are acceptable in the basement. Installing these heaters requires careful planning with regards to the amount of heat needed for a given room, so you should consult with an HVAC contractor.

Add a Basement Fireplace

A fireplace can instantly make your basement look and feel cozy, and they’re relatively easy to install as well. For traditional appeal, you can opt for a masonry fireplace. But if you prefer a more contemporary look and are keen on saving time and money, you can choose a prefabricated fireplace instead.

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