Why Your Heat Pump Is Blowing Cold Air in Heating Mode

If you notice your heat pump blowing cold air at the end of the winter season, you should have it checked immediately, even if you won’t be needing it in the warmer months ahead. There are many possible reasons why this could be happening. Reputable plumber and HVAC expert McLay Services, Inc lists the common culprits behind this particular heat pump problem below.

Possible Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Is Blowing Cold Air

If your heat pump seems to be blowing cold air and isn’t able to properly heat your home, there are a few possible causes that your HVAC contractor will likely look into:

Refrigerant leaks – A refrigerant leak can be dangerous to you and your entire heating system, so it’s best to have this checked by a qualified, licensed professional. Moreover, the EPA typically requires a certified professional to handle this kind of job.

Faulty reversing valve – This component is responsible for reversing the flow of refrigerant. So when it starts acting up, your heat pump will likely be stuck in cooling mode and blow cold air.

Losing efficiency – Your heat pump should be serviced at least once a year so you can ensure that it’s still capable of providing maximum efficiency. Much like other equipment,such as outdoor tankless water heaters, regular maintenance can make a big difference in the longevity of the units. If your heat pump hasn’t been maintained recently, it’s probably time to schedule a tune-up.

How to Check if Your Heat Pump Really Has a Problem

Cold air may not always indicate a problem with your heat pump. The average body temperature of a person is 98.6 degrees, and heat pumps usually produce air with a temperature below that value. That’s why the air from your heat pump may sometimes feel cold to you. To check whether you really have a problem with your heat pump, you can use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the air coming out of your vent. Alternatively, you can simply observe your thermostat. Generally, the temperature in your home should go up until it reaches your desired setting. Then, your heat pump should shut down. When that happens, you can rest assured that everything is going well. However, if you still have doubts, you can always call a professional. With their knowledge and expertise, they can do a proper inspection and assessment of your heat pump.

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