What Causes Ductwork Damage?

residential hvac ductwork

Your HVAC ductwork ensures a consistent temperature is maintained in your home by distributing conditioned air properly and evenly throughout your house. Given its crucial role in maintaining thermal comfort and efficiency inside your home, you need to make sure the ductwork is in good shape. The first step in this is understanding how it can be damaged. This way, you’ll have a clearer idea of what to look for and what to avoid.

Here a trusted source of high-quality surge protectors for AC units McLay Services, Inc., discusses the most common reasons for ductwork damage.

  • Damaged flex ducts. This usually occurs due to mechanical damage resulting from aggressive cleaning of the HVAC ducts. When the flex duct is compromised, it can expose fiberglass in the duct system. The fiberglass will mix with the conditioned air being circulated throughout your living space, which will negatively affect indoor air quality.
  • Corrosion. The ductwork in older homes is more susceptible to rust because moisture gets trapped in the space between the floor joists that serve as an air passage. As the metal sheeting placed across the floor joists develop corrosion, it will create openings where air can leak out. You should call a trusted AC repair company like McLay Services, Inc. promptly for the appropriate fix.
  • Poor Maintenance. To keep the HVAC ductwork damage-free, it should be cleaned and inspected regularly by a premier local HVAC company like McLay Services. And if we do discover a developing problem with the ducts, we’ll recommend to you the appropriate and most effective solution. We specialize in a wide range of HVAC services, including ductless heating and cooling system installation, which takes much of the stress out of HVAC upkeep.

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