How to Save Money on Plumbing Remodeling Projects

Are you looking for a home improvement project that can add value to your home? If you’re in a newly built home, there’s no reason for a plumbing remodeling project, but if you’re in an antique home dating back to a couple hundred years ago, why not upgrade a few of your pipes? Of course,

Is Your Water Heater Failing? Check for These Telltale Signs

Water heaters are a piece of home equipment that is easy to ignore until the moment they stop working. Pretty soon, you’ve run out of hot water, your pipes are leaking and your basement floor is flooded. Luckily, you don’t always have to suffer through the problems as they occur. A little mindfulness and keeping

Spot Signs Your Pipes Are About to Break

Burst pipes can lead to all sorts of trouble like flooding, leakage, and thousands of dollars worth of water damage. This is why it’s important to make sure that all old and worn out pipes are replaced before they become a problem. However, it is a little difficult to tell if your pipes are ready to be

Keeping Inactive Air Conditioners in Peak Condition

As everyone knows, a break from the cold weather means summer is coming. Soon, people will begin to ditch their heating systems for the refuge of an air-conditioned room. But, is it still in top condition after its long layoff? After all, you’d want it to work the first time and every time you need

How to Save on Energy Costs

To save money on energy bills, you can adjust the thermostat or use the ceiling fans to move air. But for more noticeable savings, consider the following tips.

The Benefits of a Water Softening System

“Hard water” retains a large amount of calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up limescale in your pipes and reduce, or even block, proper water flow. The best way to remove these destructive minerals is with a water softening system.

Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Demystified

Choosing between heat pumps and air conditioners for your home can be difficult. After all, they look similar and share the same function. In reality, they actually differ in a lot of aspects, including the cost, size, and efficiency.

zone heating

Why Heating Zones Are Energy- and Cost-Efficient

When you’re looking to optimize your electricity use across your home and throughout the seasonal changes, heating through proper zoning is the best solution. If you distribute the heat throughout your whole home, you’ll no doubt encounter problems because of the different needs of each room and occupant. However, if you allow the heating to

New HVAC Technology in Tesla’s Car

When you think about HVAC in your car, you mostly think about ugly large vents controlled by dials and sliders. On truly hot days, you may be fighting over the vent directions with your passengers in the car, even if they have their own vents up front or above their heads.

Top Factors That Affect Indoor Air Quality

Having a fresh, clean air to breathe inside homes, offices, and other structures is vital to ensuring the comfort and well-being of people. However, it’s one of the things often neglected, even in commercial settings. Many don’t realize that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has adverse effects on their health. This can be caused by