How To Control Your Nest Thermostat With Google Now

Did you know you can control your home temperature on your mobile phone while you are away? The Nest temperature control thermostat is the new cool way to operate your HVAC system at optimum levels saving energy and your monthly bills. The Nest thermostat employs cutting edge features to ensure you live comfortably in your

When It’s Cold Outside, Will My Outdoor Tankless Hot Water Heater Still Work?

A tankless water heater has some restrictions, but still functions well in the winter months. If you ask are tankless hot water heaters effective in the winter? The answer is, “Yes”. Tankless water heaters use a condenser that pre-heats the water, so it doesn’t take as long for the water to reach the pre-set temperatures

Does My House Need Surge Protection For The HVAC System?

A power surge is a huge risk to all types of items commonly found in a household, like cables, Ethernet wires, regular wires, electronic devices or home equipment. These can be extremely deadly for HVAC equipment as well, which is why they are referred to as ‘silent killers’. Surges are capable of wiping out the

Knowledge On When To Replace Your Water Heater

A water heating system may serve you for a substantial period of time. However, it reaches a point in time when the heating system requires to be replaced. There things to look out for in order to know when to replace your water heater. Whenever the tank begins to leak, for heating systems that contain

Controlling Home Comfort Costs

It seems as soon as the summer begins to fade, and the consumer breathes a sigh of relief, the winter comes along and causes new strains on the family energy budget. There appears to be no respite in site as energy demands and costs continue to increase. It would be worth the time to ask

Carrier’s The Winner Of The Consumers Digest Best Buy Award

Consumers Digest recently awarded four models in Carrier’s current HVAC line with the Consumers Digest® Best Buy award. They are proud to boast of having achieved this very prestigious accomplishment considering that this award is only given to the top three percent of competing models. Three Carrier HVAC products: the Infinity 19, the Infinity 16 and

How To Prepare For An Earthquake

Earthquake preparation is necessary to ensure your survival and safety in the event that a natural catastrophe happens in your very own neighborhood. It is also important to ensure that your water heater and vent pipes will be able to last after an earthquake, especially to avoid carbon monoxide leakage. Relying on a trusted professional,

Water Heater Problems

What Is Vacation Mode? And Why Should I Use It?

Vacations are meant to be fun. It doesn’t matter where you’re heading, there’s some things that you should do to your plumbing before you leave. Conduct a Visual Inspection Visually inspect all of your appliances that might have a plumbing issue such as your refrigerator if it has an ice maker in it; your washing

Winterize Your Home With A Few Candid Cold Weather Tips

When winter arrives a lot of us act surprised as if we have never experienced, let alone seen, what winter does to people. ‘Winter is here,’ is a common phrase we have grown accustomed to using, but are our homes geared up for what is to come? The good news is that there are HVAC

What Does Energy Factor Mean?

Many people wonder what does energy factor mean? This is because they notice that many appliances have an energy factor rating. Below is an explanation of what this all means. What Does Energy Factor Mean? It is a metric that is used, and it is used to compare residential appliances and equipment’s energy conversion efficiency.